Nikon COOLPIX L340 Reference Manual

Format Card Format Memory

Format Card Format Memory



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Format Card/Format Memory

Use this option to format a memory card or the internal memory.
Formatting the memory cards or internal memory permanently deletes 
all data. Data that has been deleted cannot be recovered. Make sure to 
save important images to a computer before formatting.

Formatting a Memory Card

• Insert a memory card into the camera.

• Select Format card in the setup menu and then press the k button.

Formatting the Internal Memory

• Remove the memory card from the camera.

• Select Format memory in the setup menu and then press the k button.

To start formatting, select Format on the screen that is displayed and press the 
k button.

• Do not turn the camera off or open the battery-chamber/memory card slot 

cover during formatting.

Press the 

d button M z menu icon M Format card/Format memory M 

k button