Panasonic DMC-FX500 Operating Instruction

Taking Pictures with Focus and Exposure Set on Subject

Taking Pictures with Focus and Exposure Set on Subject



Advanced (Recording pictures)

[REC] mode: 


Taking Pictures with Focus and Exposure Set on 

(Touch AF/AE)

It is possible to set the focus and exposure to the subject specified on the touch panel. 
Focus will keep following the subject automatically even if it moves.


• If Touch  AF/AE fails, AF area will flash in red, and disappear. Touch the screen again.
• Frame showing touch possible area is displayed when you touch outside the possible area. The 

touch is invalid when it is outside the touch possible area. 

• If there is a subject which has the same color as the touched subject at the periphery, dynamic 

tracking might follow a different subject from the touched subject

• Most appropriate scene is selected for the touched subject in the Intelligent auto mode.
• Only focus can be adjusted during manual exposure.
• Dynamic tracking function may not work depending on the recording conditions such as the 

ones below.

– When the subject is too small
– When the recording location is too dark
– When the subject is moving too fast
– When the background has the same or similar color to the subject.
– When jitter is occurring
– When using the zoom

• Touch AF/AE will not operate in the following conditions. [AF MODE] will be recorded in [•] 

under these conditions.

– When the subject is lost
– When the subject is not selected
– When Touch AF/AE has failed

• [QUICK AF] will not operate during touch AF/AE.

Touch [


Touch the subject.

• AF area will be displayed when the subject is recognized, 

and the focus will follow the movement of the subject. 
(Dynamic tracking)

• Touch AF/AE is canceled by touching [CANCEL].

Take the pictures.



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